Select columns

You can select one column by doing df[column_name], such as df['age'], or multiple columns as df[[column_name1, column_name2]]. For a single column, you can also select it using the attribute syntax, df.<column_name>, as in, df.age. Note, a single column in Pandas is called a Series and operates differently from a DataFrame. Later exercises will explore the difference.

Suppose you constructed a DataFrame by

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({'name': ['Jeff', 'Esha', 'Jia'], 
                   'age': [30, 56, 8]})

Giving you the DataFrame

name age
1 Jeff 30
2 Esha 56
3 Jia 8

Now, you want to select just the name column from the DataFrame.

Complete the function, name_column(df), by having it return only the name column.

Example Input

Code to generate input

df = pd.DataFrame({'name': ['Jeff', 'Esha', 'Jia'], 
                       'age': [30, 56, 8]})

Table generated

name age
0 Jeff 30
1 Esha 56
2 Jia 8

Example Output

0 Jeff
1 Esha
2 Jia